With the new UA1850 E rewinding machine, the well-known virtues of a real NEPATA solution are also available to smaller film dealers – because E stands for Economy.

Just as all NEPATA machines, the new UA1850 E rewinder also represents

  • fault-free and precise unwinding of roll media
  • high productivity thanks to minimal setup times and high track speeds
  • avoiding mistakes and waste
  • high level of ergonomics and safety for the operator.

And all that at an attractive, economic price.

Decision-making support – which model suits whom?

Do you have a lower daily throughput with regards to individual unwinding and cutting of roll media? Do you want to process films up to 1850mm wide? Then you can consider the UA1850 E

Do you have a high throughput and depend on maximum productivity? Then the standard model UA1650is your number one choice, because this machine is faster and more highly automated, especially when cross cutting. Thanks to its high degree of automation, additional causes of errors can be reduced. Furthermore, it was designed with sheet cutting in mind.

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More information on the UA1850 E rewinding machine here

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