Precise rewinding and slitting at lower investment costs – that’s what the new UA1850 E stands for. Ideal for those who do not process that many orders or as an extra machine.

The new rewinding and trimming machine UA1850 E bases on the known UA1650. But how they differ? The standard model is faster and more automated. It continues to be the ideal machine for everyone with a high throughput.

On the other hand, people with a lower capacity can still use the UA1850 E to take the step to increased productivity in film handling. Compared to manual solutions, it is sure to provide an enormous increase in efficiency, especially in connection with the unique NEPATA control software: Like the UA1650, the economy model can be used along with ConvertPlus2 for labeling rolls and for controlling the flow of goods.

The features in comparison

UA1650UA1850 E
Maximale Medienbreite1650mm1850mm
Umwickeln Rolle zu Rolle
Umwickeln Rolle zu Bogen
Interner digitaler Controller
ConvertPlus2 SchnittstelleJAJA

FastCut Modus für schnelleren Bogenschnitt über ConvertPlus2
Bahn SpannungssteuerungJAJA
Bahnspannungssteuerung für hohe BahnspannungenOptional--
Umwickelgenauigkeitbesser 1mm/mbesser 2mm/m
ConvertPlus2 Software zum Etikettieren von Rollen und zur Warenflusskontrolle
Umfangreiche SicherheitsausstattungJAJA

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