For even better and faster winding: We have just developed a new brake system for the unwind shaft.

The modified unwinding now enjoys a higher braking effect. This creates a larger maximum braking torque and more track tension.

These are the advantages during winding:

  • Tighter winding: A high track tension results in more compact rolls.
  • Better winding: Thin and self-adhesive media can be wound more smoothly.
  • Faster winding: Large, heavy rolls can be unwound at a much higher speed. So far, only low speeds were possible here to ensure the ability to brake the inert mass at the end of the
  • winding process. Even with regular rolls, the rewinding process becomes faster.

For models with a slitting unit, the slitting results are also significantly improved when rolls are wound more tightly.

The operator can select the desired track tension using a rotary knob. he braking and driving force required for this are regulated automatically. The new braking system will be available as an option for all new NEPATA rewinding machines beginning in the summer of 2020. Retrofitting old models is not possible.

More about the new braking system in this video – directly from our development workshop:

Neues Bremssystem für die Abwicklung - NEPATA Digital Summit 2020

More about the rewinding and slitting machine UA770 – especially for flock, flex and other media with a width of up to 770mm.