UA 770



The UA770 rewinding and trimming machine was developed specifically for processing flock and flex films, as well as a variety of other media up to a width of 770 mm. It is often used by wholesale and retail logistics centres for textile finishing films. The UA770 reliably, accurately and quickly measures film rolls with a maximum diameter of 400 mm whilst cutting exact short rolls up to a diameter of 280 mm and sheets from the respective master rolls. Combined with the control software ConvertPlus2 individual bar code labels containing the run length of the film, product data and much more information can – if necessary – be attached to master as well as customer rolls. Using these bar code labels, the films can be scanned before processing the rewinding job, thus verifying the product data and importing the residual length of the roll into the system. This effectively prevents many errors in the rewinding process. ConvertPlus2 supports several methods of reading in converting jobs – for example by scanning respective bar codes on the picking notes or even through fully automated import of electronic job data. The single-sided shaft axles on the UA770 allow film rolls and paper cores to be mounted quickly and securely. The films themselves are tensioned either with simple tension levers operated by the user, or pneumatically by the internal machine control. The optional splicing mode allows the professional splicing of films controlled by the ConvertPlus2 software. With the FastCut feature, the process time can be shortened for sheet cutting via ConvertPlus2. A new type of expansion shaft with an inner diameter of approx. 50mm can also be used for coreless winding.

NEPATA UA770 rewinding and trimming machine - overview


  • Winding speed up to 1 m/s winding and trimming to length
    up to 770 mm width
  • Control via ConvertPlus2 software
    including Barcode labels for customer and stock rolls
  • high precision in rewinding
    of <1 mm/m
  • fast loading
    due to single sided tension shafts
  • Splicing mode
    for splicing rolls (optional)
  • FastCut for fast sheet cutting
    (with ConvertPlus2)
  • coreless rewinding
    with approx. 50mm inner diameter (optional)


Max. media width770 mm
Max. rewinding speed 1 m/s
Max. roll diameter rewinding short roll280 mm
Max. roll diameter rewinding mother roll400 mm
Sleeve diameter3" (2" optional)
Trimming accuracy< 1 mm/m*
Measuring accuracy< 2 mm/m*
Max. medium thickness1 mm*
Max. roll weight25 kg
Power supplyAC voltage 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz
Power input400 W
Working environment+ 5°C bis + 35°C
Dimensions (h x d x w)1468 mm x 535 mm x 1425 mm
Weight150 kg

* Depends on material being used. We will gladly provide you with information.


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