We are in the middle of the vacation season right now, so we want to provide the kids with a fun activity during their vacation. That’s why we’ve come up with a great campaign:

Wir laden die Ferienpass Kinder aus Pörnbach für einen Nachmittag bei uns ein, wo sie unter Anleitung tolle Shirts und Buttons produzieren durften.

First there was a short introduction by our Managing Director Bernhard Schmidt, who gave the children a brief insight into the diverse business activities of Nepata Vertrieb.
After that, they already plotted, designed buttons and pressed caps and shirts. All of our Secabo equipment was put to full use, and we had a blast helping the kids achieve their design dreams with it.

As a reward, the young guests were given a snack and exchanged their experiences of textile finishing.
The girls and boys then left the showroom with a cloth bag full of gifts. What an action-packed afternoon for the kids!