Our daily life still consists of precautions, due to the Corona situation. But despite this exceptional situation, we wanted to make a company event possible this year to spend some time together as a team. That’s why we decided to participate in theIngolstadt company run. So we registered with the virtual tracking, which was a very creative solution from the organizers. The company run is intended to strengthen physical activity and cohesion once again. Another positive side effect was that 50% of the entry fee of each participant was donated to Ingolstadt institutions and to Plan International Deutschland e.V..

True to the motto “With distance but together to the goal!” all employees were motivated, whether runners or our spectators on site, the atmosphere and the weather were fantastic.

The run started at 6 p.m. For each participant (and also spectators) we had refined cool team shirts in advance and made buttons ourselves, which symbolized the team strength again especially. An absolute must, of course, for us in the advertising technology industry. Our runners had to manage a total of 5.5 km. The nice thing, of course, was that no one fought as a lone wolf. It was a run with each other THROUGHOUT So even slower runners had a chance to stick with it.

After our athletes had all crossed the finish line in good health, they were of course rewarded with a delicious buffet. The rest of the evening could be kept with enough distance by a nice get-together. Final conclusion: It was a very successful & fun event, which can be repeated in the future with pleasure.

Through our video you can get a little insight from this exciting day. Have fun!