A difficult task: Slitting double-sided tape. Succeed, with the converting center by NEPATA …

Slitting solutions by NEPATA can handle even the most difficult materials, e.g. double-sided adhesive foam tapes. We offer different blades for different purposes. But above all, our jaw lubrication system is ideal for this: It wets the blade with silicone oil in a very targeted manner, cleans it and slows it. This avoids the build-up of glue residue and further reduces friction.

In this video, we demonstrate slitting of an adhesive foam tape by Orafol. Of course, 3M VHB materials (very high bond) and products by other manufacturers also work. The precision converting center NEPATA UA1650 ADWS is used

Watch the video

Slitting VHB foam tape on the UA1650 ADWS converting center

More info on our Precision Converting Center UA1650 ADWS here