Rolls without a cardboard core – we see great potential in this. Our latest rewinding and cut-to-length machine is made for exactly this purpose.

The NEPATA UA770 Coreless for coreless winding is a true specialist:
We have developed it as a powerful rewinding and cut-to-length machine for those who often produce rolls without a core.

Precise, fast, cost-saving

As usual from NEPATA, very precise windings and cross-sections can be created with it. Films, digital print media, papers – flexible media up to 65 cm wide can be processed. The inner diameter after winding is only a good 3 cm. This saves space during shipping and, of course, costs for the sleeve. And it’s fast on top of that: Approx. 140 rolls with a length of 3 meters can be produced per hour. All technical data and features here.

See the performance of the new UA770 Coreless for yourself in this video.

Introduction Nepata UA770 Coreless rewinder