No more dragging rolls around. Clear the stage for our automatic storage system for roll media …

The pathways between the storage location of the rolls and the rewinder cost time and effort. Pick-up and drop-off times that don’t exactly add value. In order to automate the pick-up and delivery process, NEPATA has developed a new storage system for roll media.

You can determine how the rolls are stored (i.e. vertically), how a robotic arm brings the required rolls to the transfer point and how they are stored (in case of chaotic storage selection) can be read here.

These are just a few advantages of the automatic film storage:

  • Pick-up and delivery routes are eliminated.
  • Rolls are stored in an extremely compact manner.
  • High-speed vehicles are placed in such a way that travel paths are reduced.
  • Simplifies gripping and lifting work for employees.
  • Avoids mistakes, e.g. rolls at the wrong storage locations.
  • Enables contactless material handling, even without a box.
  • Stocks and storage locations can be retrieved in real time.

During development, we paid special attention to a high capacity for the automatic storage and retrieval of rolls. The robot can handle 120 cycles per hour. The scope and capacity of the entire system are freely selectable. Thus we’ve designed sample configurations for 830 or 2300 rolls.

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