A fully automated film warehouse – we are currently working on this exciting project.

In film logistics, the routes between the storage location of the rolls and the rewinder (and back) represent a significant time factor – pick-up and delivery times that do not directly add value. Furthermore, manual roll handling is exhausting and prone to errors. In order to automate the pick-up and delivery process, NEPATA has developed an automatic storage system for roll media.

How it works:

The rolls are stored extremely compactly in a block storage warehouse – vertically and sorted by diameter.

A robotic arm grabs the required rolls individually from above and brings them to a transfer point.


All rolls belonging to an order are combined on a commissioning trolley.

Accordingly, the subsequent storage of partially used rolls follows – despite chaotic storage space selection. High-speed vehicles are placed in such a way that travel paths are reduced.

The supplied software can be fully integrated into the proven NEPATA control software ConvertPlus2. The size and capacity of the overall system can be freely selected – from approx. 500 to 3,000 rolls.
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