If you want to know what is important when slitting: In this video you will learn the ultimate tips and tricks!

Many NEPATA innovations have moved slitting forward by miles. Even very narrow tapes and tough materials can be processed in this way. But what should you watch out for when operating? In a session of the Digital Summit, NEPATA CEO Fabian Franke explains, among other things:

  • Which blade, which type of edge are right for which application?
  • How do you avoid fraying, crushing, dust or adhesive residue?
  • How do I find the right settings – from the speed of rotation to the web tension?
  • How to lubricate the blade for better results?
  • How do the temperature of the environment, blade and medium affect the result?
Abstechen wie ein Profi – darauf kommt es an - NEPATA Digital Summit 2020

Find out here about our models with slitting unit: