The professional slitting machine 1900 ADWS was developed for fast and precise slitting of various types of media. Special emphasis was placed on excellent cut edges on self-adhesive films, digital print media, flock films, flex films and similar materials. These can be slit at the left edge of the film up to a minimum width of up to 50mm. The continuous swivel shaft requires almost no force and is easy to use, while loading and unloading empty cardboard cores or finished slitted rolls takes mere seconds.

The swivel shaft’s adjustable stop position facilitates ergonomic working, even for the smallest employee. An automatic pneumatic coupling ensures vibration-free winding and slitting. The 1900 ADWS features a rotating circular blade that is lockable, if necessary. It is mounted on a smooth-running axial slide and can easily be positioned in absolute and relative dimensions using two digital displays. A simple touch of a button with the left hand blocks the axial slide and tensions the roll of film, which can now be slit using the right hand. The unique bracket lubrication system wets the blade with silicone oil when cutting – for perfect cutting results. A line laser on the slitting head shows you the exact and reliable position of the slitting blade on any film or paper surface. This system leads to significantly better slitting results with most media. The slitting shaft is automatically tensioned by means of compressed air. Various slitting modes are available, depending on the desired mode of operation. The knife can, for example, be permanently blocked axially, while rolls of film can be swapped, or the film remains tensioned, while the knife can be repositioned.

Rolls of film with a diameter of up to 280mm / 11in can be slit. The 1900 ADWS can process rolls with a width of up to 1900mm / 75in. The machine is controlled by the internal controller and can be complemented by the comprehensive ConvertPlus2 software.

NEPATA 1900 ADWS slitter introduction
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Slitting application samples with NEPATA 1900 ADWS slitter
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  • Slitting up to 1900 mm
  • Control via ConvertPlus2 software
    including barcode labels for customer and storage rolls
  • Easy to operate slitting unit
    with dual digital display
  • for perfect ergonomics
    due to djustible swivel shaft
  • Pneumatic shaft coupling
    for vibration-free rewinding and slitting
  • Minimum cutting width
    at the left end of the film only 50 mm
  • Pad lubrication system for slitting blade
  • Line laser for slitting blade (optional)


Max. working width, slitting1900mm / 75in
Max. roll diameter, slitting280mm / 11in
Sleeve diameter3“ (2" optional)
Min. slitting width from left edge50mm / 2"
Slitting accuracy< 1mm/m* / < 99.9%
Max. roll weight50kg / 110lbs
Power supplyAC voltage 230 V / 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Power input1500W
Working environment+ 5°C to + 35°C / 41°F to 95°F
Dimensions (h x d x w)1468mm x 535mm x 3145mm / 58in x 21in x 124in
Weight490kg / 1080lbs

* Depends on material being used. We will gladly provide you with information.


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