Winding, slitting and cutting sheets – this is quite a challenge with Teflon material.
NEPATA machines can handle the thickness of the material as well as its slippery surface. And, of course, also when glue and silicone liner are used in self-adhesive PTFE films. NEPATA’s professional conversion solutions can process all types of PTFE films because:

  • our rewinding machines process media with a thickness of up to 1mm
  • the automatic cross cutter has different torque levels
    and thus develops optimal cutting forces for every type of material
  • the novel slitting blade with a large-area beveled edge penetrates well into the material
    and has its own high heat capacity.

In this video you can see how easily Teflon film can be processed with the NEPATA UA1650 ADWS

Rewinding, slitting and sheeting PTFE or Teflon Material on the NEPATA UA1650 ADWS