Clean, straight cuts while avoiding dust – that’s the challenge when cutting paper media for sublimation printing.

NEPATA rewinders and cutters are optimized for film media. In addition, you can also process numerous types of paper, such as photo paper, digital printing paper and even transfer paper for dye sublimation prints – a particularly relevant feature for many of our customers.

For the best cutting results, rely on our unique bracket lubrication system. The felt flanges apply lubricants (silicone oil, water, solutions of oils in water) directly to both sides of the slitting blade. The operator can dose the lubrication independently by simply pressing a button. Dosirt! This ensures an economical utilization and prevents the paper from being contaminated.

The contact pressure of the felt pads is adjustable. This allows you to exert a significant braking force on the moving blade – and the slitting results are further improved.

View this video to see how easy it is to slit off dye sublimation paper using our NEPATA UA1650 ADWS. Naturally, the roll can also be rewound and trimmed. The roll can also be rewound and of course trimmed to length.

Slitting dye sublimation paper on NEPATA UA1650 ADWS converting center

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