Our converting machines can handle many types of protective films – including trouble-free slitting of tapes.

protective film for plastic profiles

stone chip protection film


Whether protective film for plastic profiles, metal or stone chip protection film – this tough material is difficult to cut. This is where NEPATA’s innovative slitting technology comes into play:

  • The innovative 5mm slitting blade with large-area bevel cuts can penetrate the material better than any of the previous blades.
  • The unique flange lubrication system provided at the slitting head wets the blade with silicone oil in a very targeted manner, while cleaning and impeding it.
  • The new line laser accurately displays the position of the blade on the film surface.
  • The telescopic slitting lever provides more control over the slitting process thanks to twice the length.

In this video we show the slitting of protective film with the NEPATA UA1650 ADWS

Slitting protective film for plastic and metal products on the NEPATA UA1650 ADWS

More info on our Precision Conversion Center UA1650 ADWS here