It is here: The update of our control software ConvertPlus. The 2021 version contains some fixes – and many new and useful features. Highlights:

Logo printing on the labels

In the barcode label layouts, a logo can now be imported and printed for each label. The logo can be freely scaled and positioned.

Special treatment of individual materials

In an editor with a graphical interface, special functions can be easily assigned to individual articles or article groups in the product database. The special functions are automatically activated when a material in question is processed, e.g.

  • Activate / deactivate light barrier
  • automatic media feed / manual loading
  • Cutting direction cross cutter
  • Selection of winding direction 1 to 4 (forward to forward, forward to backward, etc.)

Also: Many new possibilities for individual configurations and customizations.

Increase your productivity
With version 2021, ConvertPlus gives you new ways to increase productivity. ConvertPlus is the market leader in control software for film conversion. We will be happy to explain to you how you can achieve a better workflow and avoid errors thanks to ERP connection and label printing.

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