We celebrated our first big event after almost 2 years on 24/09/2021 with the whole group of companies, in the open air. Since no folk festivals can take place at the moment, we have simply thought about
to organize our own “Nepata Wiesn”.

Due to the pandemic, no summer party, Christmas party or anything else was possible at all for months. After everything had slowly settled down again, we could hardly wait to celebrate another party with the whole company, Corona-friendly of course. Good Bavarian music, traditional costume & a mega atmosphere. That’s exactly what we needed again!

Then it started, the first arrived. All the families of our employees were invited, as there was plenty on offer for young and old that evening. The children had great fun with our bouncy castle, while the adults could enjoy our Steckerlfische and be entertained by the music. Thanks to bright sunshine, we could finally all see each other again and spend time together. After such a long dry spell, it was really good for our team and we enjoyed celebrating together outside the stress of work.

Thanks to all in the team who helped to realize this great party and thanks to all our guests!
Nepata Wiesn is only once a year – and quite wonderful!

We are already looking forward to next year!