Today we share a NEPATA advantage that primarily benefits your employees: Advantage number 7 is the simple and ergonomic operation.

The ADWS models’ design is optimized for high throughput and ergonomic working.

  • At the top, its continuous swivel shaft can easily be operated with almost no force.
  • The end position of the swivel shaft is adjustable. The height can be optimally adjusted to the height of the operator.
  • An automatic pneumatic coupling ensures vibration-free winding and slitting.
  • The slitting unit has a rotating roller knife that can be locked if necessary. This is mounted on a smooth-running linear carriage.
  • The slitting blade can be easily positioned using two digital displays (relative and absolute dimensions).
  • The linear carriage is blocked at the push of a button and the film roll is tensioned.
  • Loading and removing empty cardboard tubes as well as finished slit rolls of film takes mere seconds.


The smart design of our machines ensures that NEPATA machines are ergonomic, user-friendly and safe to use.

The ergonomic swivel shaft is clearly visible in this video:

NEPATA UA1650 ADWS converting center speed trial 10m and 20m