NEPATA combines its machines with an in-house developed control software. This doesn’t just connect your film logistics to your ERP system. ConvertPlus2 automatically prints a Barcode Label after each conversion process. This ensures that you know exactly how much of the rest is still on the mother roll and helps avoid errors during customer roll dispatch. The labels for material rolls and small rolls can be freely configured and designed in ConvertPlus2.

How to benefit from labeling:

  • More profit by minimizing waste of material.
  • Fewer replacement deliveries to customers due to rolls that are too short and/or incorrect.
  • Successful complaints to the manufacturer via batch tracking.
  • Easy inventory due to barcode labels with roll lengths on all rolls.

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The automatic label printing including barcode ensures professional warehouse management and fewer customer complaints.

Watch this video to see how label printing works with ConvertPlus2 software