What distinguishes NEPATA machines from those of other manufacturers? Advantage number 1: Our innovations for better tapping.The combination of

lubrication system and innovative blade significantly sets our ADWS models apart from the competition and achieves great success with customers:

The unique jaw lubrication system specifically wets the blade with silicone oil. The blade is lubricated, cleaned, braked, cooled.

The new type of 5mm cut-off blade with large-area oblique grinding produces less friction with high inherent stability and has its own high heat capacity.

Overall, less dust and fibers are produced, and the cut edges smear less. The result: straight edges and even better cuts.
How smoothly tapping works with NEPATA machines, you can see in this video …

Folien Abstechen mit Backen-Schmiersystem und Linienlaser an der NEPATA 1900 ADWS