Rolls without core – this is what the NEPATA UA770 Coreless for coreless winding specializes in.

This powerful rewinding and slitting machine works quickly and precisely, expanding your processing capacity. Here are the most important features:

Rolls and material

  • Sleeveless winding and slitting to length of flexible media (films, papers, gift wrapping papers, water activated gum
  • Inner diameter for coreless winding approx. 33mm, winding on 2 inch cores optionally retrofittable
  • Unwinding off sleeves with 3″ or 2″ (optional)

Speed and precision

  • Rewinding speed up to 1.0 m/s
  • Capacity per hour approx. 120 rolls with 3 m length each
  • Highly precise winding and slitting to length with a deviation of less than 2 mm per meter

Automation and operation

  • Automatic cross cutter, automatic clamping by means of pneumatics, digital measuring system etc.
  • Rapid setup thanks to one-sided expansion shafts
  • Operation via touchscreen
  • Control via ConvertPlus software possible, including barcode labels for customer and storage rolls

Return on Investment

Not only the powerful features, but also the elimination of errors and waste bring a quick return on investment. Aside from the fact that not using cores saves a lot of money on media and smaller rolls where a core is not absolutely necessary.

See how the UA770 Coreless works in this

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Introduction Nepata UA770 Coreless rewinder