More efficiency, better processes, less friction losses – from now on you can book a consultation with NEPATA regarding your film logistics and converting processes.

Objective: Reduce expenses – Increase productivity

Our advice is absolutely practice-oriented, tailored exactly to your company and regardless of whether you use machines from NEPATA. Even small changes can make your film logistics go over more smoothly and, above all, more economical. Therefore: Invest in just a few consulting days – and save on long-term costs or increase your productivity through optimized processes.

Why choose consulting from NEPATA?

We have many practical tips on deck. For 15 years we’ve specialized in small and large logistics systems for film conversion around the world. In the NEPATA Group, we have been operating a small film logistics business for almost 20 years, which we use as a test laboratory for optimization and new technologies. Now we wish to pass this know-how that we’ve accumulated over the years on to you.

Here’s how it works

  1. First assessment: What are the processes and procedures, what is stored where, how are orders and delivery notes handled, etc.
  2. Concrete suggestions for improvements in the warehouse, handling of films and wrapping processes, order processing, etc.
  3. Prioritization and development of step-by-step implementation plans
  4. Review

And in terms of digitization?

Here we show you ways for more reliability, more flexibility and more automation

  • Migration of IT systems and software to the cloud
  • IoT – Internet of Things, e.g. to evaluate sensor data from machines and perform maintenance before failure occurs
  • Network solutions that work in the warehouse
  • Evaluation of log files from our ConvertPlus2 software, if you’re already using NEPATA machines.

The right time: Now

Talk of an imminent recession keeps increasing. Therefore, now is the time to calmly reduce costs and increase productivity. This will prepare you for all future scenarios.