Today we want to give you a closer look at our team. It is also important to show our company from a different perspective, because after all, not only our unique product range says something about us, but also our employees. What does it actually look like behind the scenes?

Our group of companies now employs around 35 people. Joining us since September 2019 is our trainee Lisa. She is currently already in her second year of apprenticeship and now wants to introduce herself:

Why I chose this training occupation

I am training as a marketing communications clerk and joined the team on September 02, 2019. Due to the dual system, I am alternately in the company and then have block lessons at the vocational school in Munich. I wanted to learn this profession because I think that marketing is a very extensive and a very diverse field. In addition, I was thrilled by the creativity, which of course must not be lacking in this profession. However, there are difficulties to find such a profession in rural areas. Most of these are more likely to be found in large cities. Therefore, I was really lucky to get exactly the training I wanted at Nepata Vertrieb GmbH. This means that I still have the opportunity to live at home and can also get to know a larger city like Munich better through my block teaching, which is an ideal combination for me.

My daily work

My day-to-day business mainly includes the presentation and marketing of our products. There are of course many tasks here such as assisting with content for our social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. But also the structure of our newsletter and evaluating its results are part of my tasks. About which, in turn, we can develop new marketing strategies to reach more people in the future. It’s also varied because I get to do a lot of applications with our products. I had my first own project in June 2020. There I went with our application engineer Ed to a window installation with frosted glass film. This procedure I was allowed to film & edit completely. The video shoot was very structured thanks to my own director’s schedule. However, a helping hand was always at hand, which meant that as a “beginner” I was able to take away a lot of information and tips for further such projects. I enjoy coming up with new ideas on current topics in order to market our product range and provide our customers with an even better service. Not only do I learn many new techniques, but also how to organize projects.


Ich lerne nicht nur viele neue Techniken, sondern auch, wie man Projekte organisiert.

Recently, my work in this context also focused on the refinement of our face masks. Thanks to Secabo transfer presses, we can print and press these with individual motifs in a very uncomplicated way.
Our company is well equipped with such machines, which is why our management had the bright idea to become active in this area at the beginning of the year. In the process, the brands “True heroes wear masks” and “True heroes wear masks” were created. I think also through our good marketing we had very great success with the sale. There was again a lot of work with social media. Say, with cool posts on Instagram & Co. we could implement the ideas for sale. This was a great sense of achievement this year and has also motivated me for further exciting projects at “Nepata”. I’m happy to share a little insight into my daily life and will be sure to report more here on our blog!

Love greetings Lisa